Why we do it?

CT3Media was born from our desire to help business owners get results from their marketing! 


We connect your business with upscale consumers who appreciate how hard you work to bring fine products and services to the market. We're an advertising agency specializing in effective endorsements and story telling for upscale businesses in search of an effective marketing platform. 


We provide compelling unique marketing opportunities to upscale business owners by showcasing their unique story beyond price points and advertisements. We create a strong connection with upscale consumers who care about making a good buying decision. We're an advertising agency specializing in effective RADIO endorsements and PRINT and DIGITAL magazine story telling for the upscale business who wants to connect with upscale customers in a unique effective setting. 

Industries: Finance, Wealth Management, Law, Medical, and High End Retail Industries. 


A message to our prospective clients, featuring an excerpt taken from our CEO's presentation to The Southern California Broadcasters Association:   

"I am often asked what is the most effective form of advertising; traditional or digital. I tell them traditional advertising such as radio, TV/Video and print are still the most powerful form of commercial messaging because the power of audio and visual persuasion allows the advertiser to connect through the "theatre of the mind" both emotionally and intellectually. In fact the most effective digital advertising we are exposed to simply transfers the traditional media messaging on the latest digital device. It's the same message on a new device. The latest and greatest digital message you've been served on your phone or YouTube is still an audio and visual message."

Chet Thompson