Tom Girardi - Lawyer, Host of Champions of Justice Radio show

Barak Lurie - Lawyer, Author and Host of The Barak Lurie Radio Show

Tom Gehring - Lawyer, Author of Settle It and Be Blessed, The Problem Solver

Vanessa Terzian - Terzian Law Partners


Dr. Eddie Siman - The Dental Artiste with a Holistic Approach

Dr. Craig Helm - Helm Vision Group

Dr. Patrice Rifkind - Audiology Associates

Dr. Tyra Beavers & LaRue Palmer - Chiro-Integrative Health Center


Arif Halaby - Total Financial Solutions

Bob Donaldson - Advisory Group West

Collin Rigler - RBC Wealth Management

Brian J. Clark - Reliant Life Shares

Amy smith - Investor's Business Daily

High End Retail Products/Services

Mary Winners - About Senior Solutions

Sue Fries - Ecola Termite & Pest Control

Steve Anderson - Progressive Insulation & Windows


Sebastian Velona Foundation